How To Effectively Use Free Samples In Your Business

Every day I get a few messages from friends and acquaintances asking for samples of CILTEP. Everyone wants to try before they buy. And in theory it makes sense. But we’ll never do it. Why? Selling a sample version of your product is like introducing a competitor into your own marketplace. A sample is aContinue ReadingContinue Reading

GoPro’s Customer Service Is Worse Than Dealing With Comcast

I love everything about GoPro. As the story goes, CEO & Founder Nick Woodman hustled belts out of his VW van before bootstrapping his way into a billion dollar blue ocean. It’s f’ing incredible and it’s everything that I aspire to do within my lifetime. Their media strategy empowers people and drives them to liveContinue ReadingContinue Reading

A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty’ Stunt is a Textbook Example of Media Manipulation

Here’s what happened: A wealthy religious Southern man told GQ an interview that he believes homosexuality is a sin. My initial response is who the f*&# cares. It’s not right, but does one person’s opinion have any bearing or effect on my life? No. But after witnessing the reactions, I thought I’d inform you onContinue ReadingContinue Reading

A Real Framework For Accomplishing Your Goals in 2014 and Beyond

A month from now, millions around the world will use the new year as motivation to lose the weight, get an education, make more money, find a lover — and whatever else. Most of these resolutions are purely superficial desires. And make no doubt most people will fail. “But Ben, I really do want to make moreContinue ReadingContinue Reading

How to buy Bitcoins and where I think the market is going

This month has been crazy for Bitcoin. Here is the easiest way that you can purchase some BTC and begin trading. I also talk ramble about where I think Bitcoin is going and the opportunities that exist in the market. You may want to start by reading my post on Bitcoin the new internet gold rush.Continue Reading

The Wrong Way Of Thinking

It’s my dream to live the Anthony Bourdain lifestyle. Travel the world like a VIP, sampling exotic food and drink a bunch of booze along the way. I’m sure you probably want a similar version of living. Who doesn’t? For the sake of this example though, let’s pretend you really love music festivals. And wantContinue ReadingContinue Reading