What is Natural Stacks and CILTEP?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what Natural Stacks is and how I’m involved. This should pretty much solve everything. Natural Stacks is my new startup. I’m a co-founder along with Roy Krebs. Somehow we got the world’s greatest self-proclaimed biohacker onboard and managed to recruit my old boss Kwame Kuadey as anContinue Reading

7 Things You Should Do If You Want To Be Successful In Life

Between the outside factors that weigh on us and destructive behaviors we give into; our happiness, productivity, intuition and drive are constantly under attack. By doing these seven things you can immediately free yourself from the unnecessary and focus on the necessary. Almost instantly you’ll be¬†happier, perform at a higher level and be able toContinue Reading

This is probably the BEST JOB EVER

  We all want to be Anthony Bourdain; travel the world, eat incredible food and drink local booze. Oh and get paid as well. If you have the personality and aptitude, Jauntaroo is looking for a “Chief World Explorer”. Basically it’s a gig where you’ll spend a year visiting exotic destinations, sharing experiences and creatingContinue Reading

Work Today Equals What Tomorrow?

¬† With a standard job the input and outputs are clearly defined. I work three bartending shifts this week, I’ll get $500. My salaried paycheck is $1,000 every two weeks. It’s easy to budget, plan and spend when you’re on this type of schedule. It’s the opposite when you start a business or website. YouContinue Reading

Reader Question: How to Monetize a Local News Source

A reader just sent me a question about how to monetize a local news blog / website. I run through my opinion on what the best practices are and how I would do it. If you have any other ways you think could work or a question of your own, leave a comment or shootContinue Reading

Most Gym Owners Don’t Know JACK about Business

I workout at the local gym here in Charleston. I mainly use the free weights but occasionally I may step onto a cardio machine for a few minutes. There’s a lot of gyms in my area, but I chose this one because of the price. For $20 a month I’m paying less than a dollarContinue Reading