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We’re Hiring A Success Champion @NaturalStacks

We’re hiring again at Natural Stacks! Bringing Nick onboard full-time with our company has really pushed our trajectory forward and we’re ready to do it again. The Success Champion will be doing a hybrid mix of customer service, public relations, hr and marketing. Your main focus will be expanding upon and managing our customer success system. Other dutiesContinue Reading

You Know Best

In 2011, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had reached a turning point. Unsatisfied with kid friendly releases like Tooth Fairy and Race To Witch Mountain, he knew that he desperately needed change in order to fulfill his aspirations of greatness. “I was told that I had to conform to a standard in Hollywood that would begetContinue Reading

The Problem With Thinking That You’re Special

I’m delighted to announce that we’ve made our first full-time hire at Natural Stacks. Nick is a hacker, hustler, entrepreneur who’s currently based in Berlin, Germany. Somewhere he saw my presentation at Saigon Hub which eventually lead him to my blog and the job posting. It didn’t take long for us to make the hireContinue Reading

We’re hiring a startup soldier who wants to build multi-million dollar companies.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. This is the job that every entrepreneur wishes that they had when they first started. It’s a chance to learn marketing, product creation, e-commerce, sales, customer development, etc… real  business skills that will help you throughout your entire life. I credit all of my success to my timeContinue Reading

How To Effectively Use Free Samples In Your Business

Every day I get a few messages from friends and acquaintances asking for samples of CILTEP. Everyone wants to try before they buy. And in theory it makes sense. But we’ll never do it. Why? Selling a sample version of your product is like introducing a competitor into your own marketplace. A sample is aContinue Reading

GoPro’s Customer Service Is Worse Than Dealing With Comcast

I love everything about GoPro. As the story goes, CEO & Founder Nick Woodman hustled belts out of his VW van before bootstrapping his way into a billion dollar blue ocean. It’s f’ing incredible and it’s everything that I aspire to do within my lifetime. Their media strategy empowers people and drives them to liveContinue Reading