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Going All In, Flippin’ Stuff on Ebay and The Best Women’s Shirt Ever with Jeremy @ Tradlands (BWB 004)


Many thanks to Jeremy from Tradlands for coming on the show and sharing some insight on what it takes to ditch the 9-5 and the hardships you’re going to more than likely encounter on your journey to financial freedom and starting an online business.

Between crashing with friends and family, flipping gadgets on Ebay for cash, to seeking advice from mentors, Jeremy gives us some incredible pieces of advice that you’re not going to want to miss.


From the @tradlands instagram page

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The Secret to Building Profitable Online Businesses + Free $100k Biz Idea (Seriously Steal It)


Hard work will get you a professorship or a BMW. You need both work and luck for a Booker, a Nobel or a private jet.  – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Let’s first get this out of the way… anyone can be an entrepreneur.

Just look at most of the successful entrepreneurs that you know or follow. Are they the smartest / brightest / most-qualified people that you know? I doubt it. You probably think that they’re a litte weird.

Here’s the truth:

If you work hard, one day you will run a profitable online business.

Yes, it is that simple.

Does that mean it’s easy?

Absolutely not, but the most reliable factor for success in entrepreneurship is hard work.

And this is exactly where most millennials interested in starting an online business fail. They’ve already been brainwashed by posts about billion dollar startup exits, over-night app store millionaires or couples who ditch their jobs to travel, blog and instagram food.

Now that’s not to say there are not numerous opportunities to get rich quick or that instances of this happening are even rare, however it usually only occurs to individuals who have been spending days, months and years of learning, working, failing and scaling.


If your mindset is already focused on the end, you’ll never complete the journey.

I’ve been a member of the DynamiteCircle, an international entrepreneurship group, since the end of 2011. The group really started with a focus on coconut cash / lifestyle optimization, but since then has scaled up massively!

Some of the members got their start interning and working for other online companies before ending up launching projects like Minaal, The End of Jobs, WPCurve, Tradlands, and NaturalStacks!

It’s not surprising to me or anyone else in the group because everyone knows that if you work hard, one day you will run a profitable online business.

My good friend Nate may be the best example of this. For the past few years Nate has been grinding in Asia and working on like 100x business concepts all while still managing to live a kickass life doing kickass shit (see his Instagram).

Last year Nate jumped on the Amazon FBA bandwagon and started importing products from China to sell on Amazon. It wasn’t the first, second, third or eighteenth thing that he tried doing, but finally he found serious momentum with Amazon FBA. Now he is making a KILLING each month from selling (haha I’m not going to tell you).Continue Reading

Microdosing LSD for Performance with Raymond Tusk (anonymous)

Microdosing LSD for Performance with Raymond Tusk

Talked with my friend-to-remain anonymous about LSD Microdosing, the latest trend growing in popularity amongst high powered business players. We’ll refer to him as Raymond for the purposes of this episode.

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Show notes:

My friend Raymond has been trying something a bit new recently. Since the end of 2015, Raymond has been taking LSD in 1/10th of the usual dosage in order to accomplish more during this day. People like Tim Ferris have championed microdosing as a new way of optimizing your performance and He described the experience as a “sub-perceptable” feeling of winning and regardless of what you think about this, it’s impossible to deny that could have major implications.

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Working for Free and Understanding The Artist With Wade Davis of Th3rd Brain

Biz With Ben Wade Davis

Still didn’t have a podcast name at this point in time. Wade and I go way back, so it was awesome to talk to him on the show!

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Show notes:

Wade is a Virginia native who left everything behind to make his dream work in the City of Angels. Wade explains the identity issue he was having in his previous life, and taking the chance to break away from it all. We discuss the value of working for free, how you get a song on NPR, what it’s like to work with Seal and what it’s like to help manage an artist that has for all intents and purposes BLOWN UP in Gallant. Wade explains what it was like to see a future superstar performing for no more than 20 people, and the process of getting to know what makes an artist tick so you can build a plan and execute.Continue Reading

Millenials, Hunger and Hiring with Eric Bandholz of BeardBrand

Biz With Ben Eric Bandholz

Episode 1 and Eric decided to be a good dude and be our test dummy. Thanks Eric!

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Show notes:

This week I spoke with Eric Bandholz of BeardBrand. Beard Brand is a men’s grooming company selling beard brand care products looking to change the way society views beadsman. We spoke about looking for someone who embodies freedom, hunger and trust and how this can help you hit that $10 million mark. Eric discusses being the oldest millennial, opens up about just not being great at KPI tracking and how to find someone with that rare ability of simply getting shit done.Continue Reading

Ten million dollar biz just by making something cool???


Yesterday I had a bottle of Soylent and a Quest Bar for lunch.

It was filling, functional, and depending on who you ask / what else I have been known to eat for lunch it was quite healthy.

I really like both companies a lot.

For those unfamiliar, Soylent is a meal replacement drink and powder that’s aptly named after the 1973 film Soylent Green. Quest Bars are protein bars that taste like junk food, but are actually nutritious and aren’t loaded with additives.

They’re also both behemoths!

Two quick stats:

Quest Nutrition: 3-Year Growth Rate of 57,347%!!!! via INC

Soylent: “The company has grown exponentially since its 2013 seed round and currently generates millions of dollars per month in subscription revenues.” – Business Insider

It’s crazy to think that Soylent was already doing millions per month in subscriptions before the BI article came out. Now they have $20mm more in funding from a16z and they released their pre-made easier to consume version. I wonder if sales went up by 3x or more?

Anyway in a very short amount of time, both companies have transformed their industries and transplanted the major players like Cliff Bars, Power Bars, Muscle Milk or those Ensure Shakes that your grandma drinks.

In my attempt to copy their success / reverse funnel hack them, I’ve been asking myself lately what allowed them to be so successful?Continue Reading